Adult | Group Academy 

Here at Plymouth Golf Centre we offer a great way to get into Golf in a fun relaxed envieoment and its called 'Start to Play'.  The programme is delived is groups to give you the basis of Golf and to learn with like minded individuals.  We have classes for men, lady and senior golfers.  

Our Adult Group Academy memberships offers some great features and represents outstanding value.

The cost is £24 per month paid by standing order.  The membership includes;


Weekly Coaching 

Our weekly is the main feature of our Adult Academy Membership.  You can attend 1 hour per week following our Start to Play programme.  We have sessions on;

  • Monday | 7pm - 8pm
  • Tuesday | 9:30am - 10:30am
  • Wednesday | 7pm - 8pm
  • Thursday | 7pm - 8pm

Each week we work on a different element of Golf including putting, chipping, pitching, long shots with irons and drivers.  We you improve the content will get more advanced.


Range Discount

In addition to the weekly coaching we want you to come and practice outside of your lessons.  This will accelerate your improvement and your enjoyment.  

To help you you with this we will give you;

  • discount off ball rental at the range
  • free use of our putting green
  • free use of chipping and pitching area
  • free use of our 9 hole short course
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Regular Course Based Competitions

A big NEW part of our Adult Academy is our competition structure.  

We have developed a exciting new link with Staddon Heights Golf Club, an local 18 hole golf course and will be delivering regular course based sessions there as well as informal competitions during the season.  

Getting on the Golf course is the really exciting bit of learning this great game and we want to get you out there as fast as possible.

Please CLICK HERE for more information on Staddon Heights Golf Club.  A great venue to play your Golf.

For more information and to book please contact our Director of Coaching Sam Stephens;