Plymouth Golf Centre is proud to present TRACKMAN 4.

Used by Rory Mcilroy, for the first time ever in golf, two radar systems within one TrackMan unit track all the critical movements in a golf swing. One tracks the golf club, the other one tracks the ball. This simple, yet groundbreaking and innovative configuration enables the TrackMan 4 to capture data in its purest and most complete form. From wedges to drivers, high quality data is tracked, captured and translated into conclusive analysis.

TRACKMAN 4 tracks the ball from the tee through the air until it lands and beyond.  Why guess when you can measure?

PLYMOUTH GOLF CENTRE With TRACKMAN Dual Radar Technology, a new standard is born.



My Swing Professional

MySwing Golf, Inc. is the leader in wireless, full-body motion capture technology. They're committed to using cutting-edge technology to create innovative and practical tools for sports professionals.


  • Capture full-body motion in 3D along with ball-flight and club data from your Launch Monitor.
  • Measure and analyze player physical screens and swing biomechanics.
  • Store screen, swing and ball data in our searchable MySwing Locker.




Student Locker - The hub that contains everything about your golf. We have it covered with a dedicated App and web-based platform within which you can access great features through MyLocker including MyGame, Shot Tracker and Media Hub.

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